Aug 19, 2013

Confessions of A Mad Tax Accountant #5: Arrogance of Some (Not All) Old Tax Accountants (30+ years)


“Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.”
― Dalai Lama XIV

I'm the type of individual that respects his elders. Why reinvent the wheel when you can learn so much from the past? I absolutely enjoy picking "seasoned" professionals' brains. However, there have been many of times that I got either flat out rejected or even worse disrespected by some older tax accountants (30 + years experience). Let it be known that I asked for strictly advice and not charity. I didn't approach these individuals looking for clients, jobs or money. To be brutally honest, we all know that the world isn't perfect. I do believe that some bad encounters happened due to my race, gender and age. Some people will never like me no matter what I do. I'm not trying to doubters into believers because my life is too short.

I never will forget when I attend a tax organization meeting (I will not drop names) and I was the youngest attendees by decades. The meeting only had about fifteen attendees. I don't know whether I had a bad odor or somrthing but my attempts to communicate with some attendee were met with cold silence. Imagine trying to talk to someone and they don't respond. Trust me when I say that I'm not lying or joking about this experience! Another time, I approached an older tax accountant and he started to talk about himself (maybe he was crazy) and left me. I mean dude literally didn't hear a word I said and left within two minutes (without even saying that he was leaving our conversation). Another older tax accountant tried to sell me something instead of listening to me. Some older accountants don't return emails I sent requesting advice. I have many other moments that I'm not proud to experience.

No need to throw a pity party for me. I don't let bad encounters discourage my quest for knowledge. In fact, I have met many great "seasoned" tax professionals. I don't like dropping names but these individuals shared great advice with me. Some relationships started by simply asking for advice via email. My advice to young tax professional is not to be shy. Young professionals MUST seek advice from "seasoned" tax professionals. You will meet some jerks but hey that's life! You have to keep on striving for excellence. My advice to "seasoned" tax professionals is don't be greedy. "Seasoned" professionals MUST share their knowledge. I'm pretty sure someone helped them along their journey. Now is their time to help tax professionals like myself to carry the torch. Don't view all young tax professionals as people that are trying to steal your titles or clients.

Next Confessions: "Arrogance of Some Young Tax Professionals." I'm going to really get myself into trouble after this confession!

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