May 29, 2013

Tax Preparers' Hall of Shame: The Family Edition

The New Inductees of the Tax Preparers' Hall of Shame goes to.....two cousins!!!

 Roberto Olivares, 35, and his 31-year-old cousin Rojelio Martin have been sentenced to prison for a scheme that defrauded taxpayers out of $50,000 in refunds. According to court documents, Olivares and Martin prepared personal returns for clients of Success Income Tax Services, a business the cousins formed and operated. Between January and May of 2008, Martin and Olivares prepared and provided their clients with completed returns that fraudulently under-stated refunds due, then filed the correct returns reflecting the actual refunds due. Unbeknownst to the clients, Olivares and Martin fraudulently directed the IRS to deposit a portion of each client’s refund into the defendants’ own bank accounts. As a result of the fraud, some 75 taxpayers lost approximately $50,000. Olivares received 30 months’ prison and his cousin two years and nine months, and both were also ordered to pay $44,860 in restitution.

Well boys, welcome to the Tax Preparers' Hall of Shame. Maybe the next family reunion will be near your prison complex!

People, please choose your tax preparers wisely. All tax preparers are not created equal!

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