May 30, 2013

Diary of a Young Tax Accountant: My Long Journey to Become a Successful Entrepreneur (Entry #2)

C'mon Daddy!!!

Okay, taxes and entrepreneurship are very complex things to handle. However, nothing compares to the complexity of dealing with your first child. I have a two-year old son named Jairel. All my life, I avoided being around toddlers. They seemed just to only cry and eat. Now, I'm a father and everything is brand new to me. Just when I think I understand him, he changes on me the very next day. However, he is the joy of my life and I wouldn't change anything about him (except changing diapers).

Having my first son taught me how to become a better tax professional and entrepreneur. Before becoming a father, I never had any patience. I wanted everything my way and on my time. This type of attitude probably destroyed many of my past personal and professional relationship. Let me tell you a secret; a toddler is not trying to deal with your selfishness. Sometimes I would try to "reason" with my son and he will look at me like I'm crazy. Through my son, I learned that is not always about me. I have become a better listener. Sometimes a client would just absolutely annoy me. Now, I'm a little more understanding to my clients needs. I even learn how to be more understanding with the IRS. The IRS agent take a lot of crap from many people. Even if you come across an IRS agent with a bad attitude, take a step back and be understanding.

Entrepreneurship honestly kicks my a**. I wouldn't recommend starting a business if your are not mentally ready for the unavoidable ups and downs. The ups feel like straight heaven on earth. The downs of entrepreneurship feels like you just lost the Powerball lottery by one number.  However, if I wasn't an entrepreneur, I probably wouldn't have the great relationship that I currently have with my son. My whole work schedule resolves around him. There are time that I even took him with me to business meetings. Due to my selfish ways, it took me a long time to accept that I have to base my schedule around my son. There are many events or meetings that I simply couldn't attend. Especially since my wife is a RN that works the night shift. Now, there are times that I complete work as early as 5am or as late as 11pm. Some times I even complete work during his nap times.

No matter what you want to achieve in life, there are no room for excuses. Yeah, my son limits my ability to go out at any given time. However, God doesn't put us in situations that we can't handle. Everyday, I'm trying to find ways to make it happen. Starting out, I will continue to get more closed doors and rejections. I believe the trick is to keep on moving. Soon, people will wonder how I did it.

Until next time....

Keep the faith and keep on moving

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