Dec 7, 2012

Tax Preparers Hall of Shame: Tax Preparer Charged With Filing Fradualent Tax Returns

The New Inductee to the Tax Preparers' Hall of Shame comes from.....The Boogie Down Bronx!!!

A Bronx tax preparer has been charged with 46 counts for filing tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service and New York State that contained more than $7 million in fraudulent tax deductions and credits, resulting in over $2.5 million in fraudulent tax refunds.

Prosecutors indicted tax preparer Mark Goldberg for participating in a multi-year tax fraud scheme during which he prepared for clients thousands of tax returns that contained millions of dollars in fraudulent, itemized deductions and tax credits. 

Goldberg also allegedly prepared and filed tax returns for himself that fraudulently claimed that he had received significant amounts of wage income from which taxes had been withheld, and that he had paid significant amounts of state and local taxes.

Original story:

Mr. Goldberg welcome to the Tax Preparers Hall of Shame! You have join an elite group of crooked tax preparers.

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