Nov 13, 2012

Yeah I Love Soda, Pick Your Own Poison: Soda tax ballot measures fizzle in California

I'm not a smoker and I rarely drink alcohol (at least now) but I do LOVE my soda. We have to die of something.

Mitt Romney wasn't the only loser in the elections. Voters in two California cities rejected measures that would have imposed the nation's first penny-per-ounce taxes on businesses that sell sodas and other sugary drinks in an effort to boost municipal revenue and fight obesity.

In El Monte, 76.8 percent of voters said no, while in Richmond, 66.9 percent opposed the measure, according to final results from last Tuesday's election.

Calls to tax sugary drinks have gathered steam as more cities and states struggle to close budget gaps and American waistlines continue to expand.

The American Beverage Association - which represents PepsiCo Inc, Coca-Cola Inc, Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc and other beverage companies - has spent millions of dollars to beat back soda taxes around the country. The ABA has a strong record of defeating soda tax efforts.

Even though I'm about 6'5 and 90 pounds, I do love my soda. Please don't make it more expensive. All soda drinkers are not obese. Taxes will not stop an obese person from drinking Pepsi.

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