Nov 12, 2012

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Tax protester admits to filing false tax returns

The tax revolution will not be televised and that is how the IRS likes it.

A tax protester from north central Idaho has pleaded guilty in federal court to fraudulently receiving more than $85,000 from the Internal Revenue Service during an eight-year period.
Federal prosecutors say 71-year-old Gary Raymond Harvey of Peck entered the pleas after three days of trial. Harvey pleaded guilty to 10 counts of making a false claim for a refund from the IRS.
During the trial, prosecutors argued that Harvey created and filed tax returns for The Organic Assembly of Circle JB. Harvey claimed the organization was entitled to tax refunds ranging from $8,800 to $54,000 in the tax years of 2002 through 2010.
On the stand, Harvey admitted he was not entitled to the refunds and to filing false tax forms.
He is scheduled for sentencing on Jan. 14.

Good luck Mr. Harvey! I bet you didn't think you would spend your golden years locked up in prison. I'm pretty sure your grandchildren will return the gifts you brought them......NOT!!!

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